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  • Douglas Engelbart and the Means to an End

  • Don’t Let Paper Paradigms Drive Your Digital Strategy

    The web isn’t print. The way we publish on the web — our process and workflow — is mostly derived from what we know about putting ink on paper. Which makes sense, because for most of human history, print was all we had. In a world of connected devices, we need to publish digital content […]

  • The Alternative is Nothing

  • The Rise of the Mobile-Only User

    “They can just use their desktop computer to do that.” One of the most persistent misconceptions about mobile devices is that it’s okay if they offer only a paltry subset of the content available on the desktop. Decision-makers argue that users only need quick, task-focused tools on their mobile devices, because the desktop will always […]

  • Going mobile

    Around this time of year back in 2011 I was working with Jeff Eaton, preparing to speak at Duo Consulting’s WebContent conference, the theme of which was “Going Mobile.” I recall Eaton saying to me “This would be a lot easier if either of us knew anything about mobile.” Truth was, mobile intimidated me. I […]


  • Explaining Water to Fish

  • Career advice

    The best career advice I’ve ever gotten came from JP Maheu, who at the time was the CEO of Razorfish. We sat down to do my performance review and he gave me this gem: “Figure out what it is that makes you really enjoy your work, and then make sure you get to do it.” […]

  • Give a crap. Don’t give a fuck.

    What about doing a great job? There’s no checklist, no guidelines that will get you there. Being great means being vulnerable; not giving a fuck about what other people think. It’s harder than it sounds. A. There are lots of good conferences out there, run by dedicated people who strive to put on an engaging […]

  • Your job is going to suck

    Imagine your dream job. Let’s say you want to be a rock star. A rock star! You love music, you love performing, you love fans, you love groupies. How much of your time do you spend actually doing what you love? Ten percent? Let’s be generous and say you spend twenty-five percent of your time […]

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