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Have Laptop; Will Travel

My name is Mat “Wilto” Marquis, and I make websites. I’ve been lucky enough to work with agencies like Filament Group and Bocoup—and now, I want to work with you. As of today, I’m an independent consultant.

No job has ever expanded my comfort zones quite so much as Bocoup. I don’t mind sayin’ that I probably wouldn’t have timidly approached Webpack, or Vagrant, or—hell—even things as tiny as the let keyword without knowing that team was there to catch me when I dropped a semicolon. They unflinchingly face down the scariest parts of JavaScript’s inner workings; areas where still I dare not tread. Without them in my corner, JavaScript for Web Designers wouldn’t be half the book it turned out to be.

What I Do

As valuable as that breadth of experience was, though: in my heart of hearts, I still consider myself a specialist. My areas of expertise are responsive web design, front-end performance, and accessibility—my specialization, for want of another all-encompassing term, is inclusive web development. My goal is to ensure that your content can reach any user of any browsing context—regardless of the size of their screen, the speed of their internet connection, the age of their device, or the combination of browsers and assistive technologies they use to experience the web.

Responsive Web Design

I’m a developer that heavily skews designer, and responsive web design is my default approach to both. From design to implementation, I believe that a good layout is a flexible, durable, and maintainable one.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have played a small part in the history of Responsive Web Design, from eavesdropping on the earliest discussions of the responsive project—all the way back in 2011—to leading the addition of responsive image features to the HTML5 specification, native browser implementations, and major CMSes.

Front-End Performance

I’ve had the privilege of traveling the world speaking about front-end performance, at conferences like An Event Apart and Smashing. I’ve worked with organizations large and small not just to audit, identify, and help fix their performance pain points, but to establish workflows, development habits, and support systems that allow those improvements—and their results—to persist long after I’m gone.


I firmly believe that accessibility isn’t an add-on, a line item, or an ticket languishing in an issue tracker for “if we have time at the end”—it’s a persistent consideration through every step in the creation of a site, from content and wireframes, to markup, to progressively enhanced functionality. In the years that followed my accessibility work on the jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile teams, I’ve helped guide a number of organizations through the process of prioritizing accessibility both technically and culturally.

The Projects I Want

Me, I’m stubborn. If it can be done on the web, I believe that it can be done responsively, it can be done accessibly, it can be done in a performant way—it can be made to work for everyone. The trickier that might seem at first, the more you’ve got my attention.

Those are the kind of projects I’m interested in—not just because that’s the sort of impact I want to make on the web, but because that’s where the fun work is. That’s the space where we get to invent new approaches and techniques—to build something brand new together, in pursuit of making the web a faster, more welcoming, and more inclusive place.

If it sounds as though I’d be a good fit for your next project, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m looking forward to it.

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